The Best Beat Maker Software Online

Whether you’re brand new and want to learn how to make and produce beats for music or even experienced and looking for new software to get it done and just need the right tools to do it, this is the article for you! You could start with all sorts of equipment like drums, pianos, guitars, etc. But most producers these days go digital before they make a huge investment on musical equipment like those.

We’re going to show you our top recommended online beat making software and how to use them. Let’s get started, here’s the rundown how to use the very best beat making software for your next big hit.

Getting your Instrumental

Let’s first discuss the basics of creating your own beats before we get into everything you’ll need to build it.

To get started you’ll first need a computer & either built-in speaker, headphones or some studio monitors.

Also, let’s cover the basic understanding of how music works before you begin to make your own beats. These tips will also help if you want to lay down some vocals, rap over your beat or become a professional musician.

Step 1: Building the Frame For Your Overall Picture. 

Start with the basics, something that’ll keep a strong pulse going through out the whole track.

Step 2: Building Additional Details .

Once you lay down the basic for your instrumental , start adding the icing and decorations to your cake. Drums, 808s, hi-hats, toms, cymbals, claps, and other sound effects to grow your beginning sound pattern.

Step 3:  Leaving Some Space.

Don’t forget an instrumental is a part of the overall picture. Make sure you leave some room for vocals and ad libs if you plan on having someone or yourself put some vocals on the instrumental.

Step 4: Practice makes perfect! 

The best always practice their craft to perfection. Build and experiment with different sounds, sound effects, and rhythms.


Now that we’ve covered the basics on how building a instrumental works , let’s get you the software needed to be able to build your next beat.

The Top 4 Beat Maker Online Software

1 . Magix

Magix Music Maker is a great entry level beat making software and affordable, where you can drag and drop making it easy for starters.

  • Affordable, Easy to Use/Customize/Learn
  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • MIDI keyboards and drum-pads Compatible
  • Includes a wide option of Sounds and Loops – Drums/Bass/Leads/Melodies/Etc
  • WAV/MP3 Files Export to Broadcast Quality
  • Sounds/Effects/Loops packs
  • Free version lets you try before you buy


2 . BTV Solo


  • Fast and easy navigation.
  • Ability to customize individual sounds and full beats
  • Potential for WAV editing within the software.
  • Support for VST Instruments at higher price levels
  • Drag and drop feature lets you load sounds onto pads easily.
  • Drag and drop individual notes if you don’t like where they hit
  • Use internal sounds, pre-loaded tracks or import sounds from computer or CD
  • The software has a money back guarantee for 2 months.


3 . FL Studio

  • Powerful mixing and automation
  • Favored Piano Roll out of the most softwares
  • Flexible Browser and workflow features
  • Support for all VST standards
  • Over 80 instrument and plugin effect options included

4 . Sonic Producer


  • 16 Channel Mixer + Sequencer
  • 4 octave piano keyboard option
  • 12 programmable drum pads option
  • Save any unfinished work online
  • Mac or PC compatible.
  • Tutorial videos on “How To”